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Cytocraft Fibroblasts

Introduction and Advantages of Fibroblasts

The skin is made up of cells. The epidermis provides protection, while the dermis is an important part directly related to skin aging. The dermis is composed of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, which form an elastic fiber network, like a spring, to maintain the elasticity and tension of the skin. It is the fibroblasts that produce collagen fibers and elastic fibers.

Most of the conventional cosmetic techniques are fighting aging by filling in exogenous substances or at the cost of skin damage, and the anti-aging effect lasts only for a short period of time. Compared with the conventional cosmetic techniques, using fibroblasts to fight aging can change the essence of skin from inside to outside, achieving effective and long-term delaying aging. Adding extra points for beauty, extending the youth

Why do we store fibroblasts?

The content of fibroblasts in the skin is not constant, and it will become less and less with age. From the age of 20, the ability of skin fibroblasts to synthesize and secrete collagen fibers, elastic fibers, hyaluronic acid, etc. is gradually declining. Fibroblasts are losing like years, and it is irreversible. After the age of 40, the secretion capacity is reduced by more than half, which directly leads to collapse of the dermis layer, wrinkles and other skin problems. From the perspective of cell biology, the aging of the skin is the aging of our fibroblasts. Fortunately, we can retain our youth and restore our beauty by using ex vivo expansion technique of autologous fibroblasts and fibroblast storage technique brought about by the development of modern biotechnology.

Ex Vivo Expansion of Fibroblasts and Fibroblast Storage Technique

It's So Easy to be Beautiful!

Ex vivo expansion of fibroblasts is a technique in which autologous fibroblasts are harvested from the dermis layer of the respective patient. The fibroblasts are expanded in vitro, and then fibroblasts are infused back to patient’s parts that need to be repaired. The repair effect is good, and it can last for a long period of time. Young and healthy skin contains vibrant healthy fibroblasts. When we are at the most attractive age, fibroblasts are also at the most active and energetic moment.

A Long Lasting Youth

Therefore, we should store our active and energetic fibroblasts taken from our body when we are young, and we can use the fibroblasts when we are old. In this way of skin care, our skin will be better than our peers, and our youth and beauty can last longer.

What skin problems can autologous fibroblasts improve?

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    Reducing Wrinkles

    Autologous fibroblast therapy can essentially reduce smile lines and neck lines, and can effectively improve aging skin on the face, neck and hands. The resulting collagen repair system can maintain skin in a youthful state for a long period of time, and it can be active for 3-5 years.

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    Mitigating Pigmentation and Sagging Skin

    In autologous fibroblast therapy, fibroblasts are boosted in the skin and the secretion of effective proteins and factors are promoted, thereby improving wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin, skin pigmentation associated with vasodilation, skin photoaging. After therapy, the skin has an unprecedented clarity and luster, and is bright with an even skin tone. Restore the overall glow of the skin.

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    Mitigating Hair Loss

    Autologous fibroblast therapy employs internationally advanced and effective non-surgical methods to solve all kinds of hair loss problems except alopecia areata and scarring hair loss.

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    Repairing Scars

    For scar repair, the specialist develops a personalized repair plan according to the different situations of each customer. It can be used to repair scars caused by knife wounds and trauma, depressed scars caused by acne, scars caused by burns, scars caused by caesarean section and other surgeries, and stretch marks.

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