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Why do we need to store our cells??

Why Store Cells

Our body works like a high-speed machine. The organs coordinate with each other so that they can maintain our body safe and sound. Among the organs in human body, the immune system is like a firewall which eliminates the risky factors such as bacteria and viruses that are easy to cause disease from their beginning, and prevents the body from suffering damage. The immune system involves a highly complex interaction among countless cells, specific substances and organs.

They are ready for playing their roles at any time in preventing diseases, and have a clear idea about ​​when, where, and how to take appropriate actions to destroy the invading substances without harming other cells in the body. No medicine can work as efficiently as the innate immune system in human body that is both defensive and recovering. With the improvement of living standards and the continuous advancement of medical technology, people highly concerns about their own health problems. Our immune system has been increasingly damaged in an invisible way by the fast pace of life, constant work pressure, unavoidable air and environmental pollution. The result is that our immunity is weakened, and that various health problems follow.

The Immune System is a Firewall that Guarantees our Health.

The immune system is a firewall that guarantees our health. It acts as a resistance and defense. Immune cells are like pre-guards that provide security support for firewalls. They play a role in the external security from different aspects to ensure that the firewall is strong enough and free from virus attacks. Our health is defended by our immune system. Whether a person's immune system is functioning properly depends on the immune cells that make up it.

The human body is made up of a variety of cells, and immune cells are naturally the foundation of the body's immune system. Immune cells are an important part of our body's immune defense system. They are a group of cells that recognize antigens and participate in specific immune responses. They have the function of killing pathogens and enhancing the body's resistance.

Why Do We Store Immune Cells?

one cell create one world
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    The Incidence Rate of Tumor is Increasing Year by Year.

    There are about 3.2 million new cases of tumor every year in China, and nearly 7 people per minute are diagnosed with cancer. Immune cell therapy has become another means of treating cancer after interventions of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It can be combined with traditional treatment to achieve better results. In this sense, storing immune cells is storing life seeds.

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    Environmental Pollution is Deepened.

    Environmental pollution (air, water) and food safety issue are threatening our health. Experiments have proved that regular infusion of immune cells can significantly improve human immunity, and prevent diseases and cancer.

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    Sub-health Situation is not Optimistic.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey, less than 10% of the population is really healthy and over 75% of adults are in a sub-health state. Work and life stress are making people stay in a sub-health state. It is urgent to apply cells for immune regulation.

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    Improve Immunity

    Storing and using our own immune cells can postpone aging, improve immunity and life quality. Immune cells are those cells involved in an immune response or related to immune response, so immune cells can enhance the body's ability to immunize against viral antigens.

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