Other Immune Cells


Other Immune Cells

CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy

CAR T Cells

CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy) refers to chimeric antigen receptor T-cell immunotherapy and is considered to be one of the most promising treatments for cancer. CAR T-cells can specifically recognize tumor-related antigens, so that the targeting, killing activity and persistence of effector T cells are greatly improved compared with those of conventional immune cells, and the local immune suppression microenvironment of tumors can be overcome, thus breaking the host immune tolerance and killing tumor cells.

Natural Killer Cell

NK Cells

NK cells (Natural Killer Cells) are important immune cells in the body. They are not only related to anti-tumor immune response, anti-virus infection immune response and immune regulation, but also participate in the occurrence of hypersensitivity and autoimmune diseases in some cases. They can recognize target cells and kill mediators. Target cells that can be recognized by NK cells include some tumor cells, virus infected cells, some tissue cells and parasites, etc. NK cells are important immune factors for anti-tumor and anti-infection treatments.

Cytokine-Induced Killer

CIK Cells

CIK (Cytokine-Induced Killer) is a new type of immunocompetent cells. CIK has strong proliferation capability, strong cytotoxicity, and certain immunological characteristics. CIK has a strong ability to recognize tumor cells, and likes "guided cell missiles" to accurately "spot" tumor cells, but do not damage "innocent" normal cells. Especially for patients who experienced surgery or radiation therapy and chemotherapy, it can eliminate the residual micrometastases, prevent from cancer cell spreading and recurrence of cancer cells, and improve the body's immunity, presenting remarkable effect.

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